Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rock Carving and the Nature of Things

Celestial maps, seasons, moon cycle, time...

Source: Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art

At the time of these celestial images the equinox were around a half turn apart from today's spring equinox at the ecliptic. That means Ramadan and end of moon season was in our Pegasus that was known as the Stag/ deer / reindeer. The image of the falling Stag gives the picture another dimension and later on end of "first half-year" was animated as a fallen man. At the same time solstices were in both end of Watergate/ Milky Way. (B. Hemtun)

From Skaane we know that the footprints has to do with the season. In Egypt an empty boat symbolised start of season. The footprint with the snake has the toe beneath and symbolises water and fertility running down. That helps us understand the artefact from Isturitz that is maybe 10,000 years elder and the cave was used from around 30,000 BC onward. We see the footprint under ground and the spiral symbolises the flow and the other signs are other times. (B. Hemtun)

The nature of things
"Entoptic or celestial map? or both. The nature of things is decoded through the use of drugs (see the other world), and the process of celestial mapping is just another representation of the same world."

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